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Association of visionary poets... Welcome to the Visionary Poetry Association! VPA is a very loosely formed, open-ended world-wide association of poets. VPA was formed to support the visionary artistic community as a whole, and is not directly affiliated with any other organizations. Membership is open to both poets and organizations, and there is no cost associated with participation.

Our organization serves three purposes:

1. To provide support to poets involved in visionary poetry and arts.

2. To support visionary poetry and the expression thereof.

3. To provide support to those who enjoy reading and listening to visionary poetry.

Toward these ends, VPA will be organizing poetry events, providing services and web space for poets, and developing projects for public display.

VPA is not supported with government funding or any ( otherwise ) tax dollars. VPA support comes voluntarily and directly from its own membership, as well as from the community in which the membership resides. It exists solely to serve the three primary purposes as stated in the charter.

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There are no requirements for general or organizational membership.

Our organization members and some individual members have their own web sites. Visit our links or members section to view the works of our membership!

Our own poets' section is a showcase of surrealistic and visionary poetry, hand selected for your enjoyment.

If you're wondering what visionary poetry is, take a moment to read our interpretation of the visionary arts.


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