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The Poetry Association

VPA is a privately held, not-for-profit entity with headquarters in Las Vegas Nevada, officially formed on November 14th, 2002. The association is managed by a President, Vice President, and Secretary, who coordinate all association activities and delegate responsibilities to volunteer members.

The poetry association was primarily formed to support the visionary arts, and exists outside of any formal establishment solely for the expression of the visionary arts and those who express, perform, and/or enjoy them.

The Web Site Poetry Project

VPA's web site project serves to provide up-to-date information about activities and provide details concerning member locations, events and poetry projects. In addition to showcasing members' poetry ( by providing web pages/web space ), we have our own poetry section, which is dedicated to visionary and surrealistic poetry.

We will be coordinating special theme-based projects which will be open to any interested party. Details of any ongoing poetry projects can be found in our poetry events section.

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