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Your Nine Lines

Our domain name,, actually has a three-fold meaning rooted in the study of metaphysics.

Our challenge to you: What are your nine lines? What does... "Nine Lines" mean to you? Let imagination reveal your own nine lines, and then, by all means, use the following form to share the wealth!

Chosen submissions will be featured on our ninelines.html page, and participants will be eligable ( and asked! ) to participate in any expanded projects derived from the ninelines theme in the future. What might those be? We are considering a multi-media film presentation, audio presentations, and even possibly a fine arts project.

You retain rights to your work, but grant permission for use on the ninelines.html webpage. Inclusion in a future expanded work will be voluntary.

The Poetry Rules:

There is only one: Pick up your chosen pen, and place it on your chosen paper! Then scribe something!

Nine Lines Poetry Submission Form

Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your copyright line:
Your Nine Lines :
( and title if needed )
A Brief Bio ( optional ):


Poetry Resources on the Web

Have a resource that you believe other poets would be interested in? Visit our poetry resources page and take the poetic poetry resource challenge!

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