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Individual Members

Michael O'ryan - Poet, Las Vegas Nevada

"Creative writing, especially poetry, is a tool I've always used to explore the far reaches of imagination, and to revel in the mysteries of both consciousness and the universe which consciousness perceives. There are small miracles associated with truly liberated creative writing: The depth of truth revealed can be astonishing, and the conscious mind is often unaware of the gems hidden just outside of purely intellectual thought. If I had made the choice to never pick up the pen, my life would look completely different than it does today."

To view some of Michael's work, visit his poetry page.

Tammy Marie - Poet, Las Vegas Nevada

To view some of Tammy's poetry, click here.

Savanna - Poet, Pheonix Arizona

"A vision or perspective of the future determines many outcomes to an individual, a culture, of a nation and the world. The focus of my writing and associated poetry relates to the question: What is the sacred, serene, vision of the universe?"

Visit Savanna's "Featured Poet" page presented by The Visionary Poetry Association...

Katya - Sidney, Australia Poet

Greg Burhoe - Poet and Artist, Nova Scotia


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