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The Rhyming Dictionary at

If you're planning on rhyming don't miss your timing:Rhyming dictionary for poets...
Surf for your chiming! Go data mining!
When you need silver lining
And you're lacking the finding
Your mind will stop grinding
If you go Data Mining!
And Surf for your chiming...
- © 2002 Michael O'Ryan "Free the Imagination..."


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An Essay on Meter

Intrinsic delight from rhythmic insight
Ye shall not lose to the blues
When the words that you choose
Hop and dance all around
To thine own mastered sound!
But varily I say:
Be warned and slightly wary on thy way when prancing prose
Careful, gently, break as if with a feigned parry
Strike out with a winded call
Lest your audience simply not take you seriously at all.
- © 2002 Michael O'Ryan

and Meter and Rhythm

Have a poetry resource to add? Email us ... But there are two rules:

1. The resource link has to be directly to a single specific topic ( a "deep link" )

2. The description must be poetic, related to the link content, and must be original content!

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